Take Action!

There’s an action step right before you, TAKE IT!

Coach Rob, BAM

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Team Killa Set #2 – In the GYM!!!

IMG_5585I was recently asked, “What did you think about the gym before you started working out with Coach Rob?”

Well — let’s just say I didn’t like to think about the gym, which was totally obvious by the state of my body.  I would occasionally get on the treadmill or elliptical but not without my reservations.  I mean, I was FAT!

Imagine this if you will.  I was overweight and walked into the gym in baggy workout clothes, I jump on a treadmill between “Workout Wendy” in her cute form-fitting ensemble and “Fitness Frank,” who is so muscular it’s a bit distracting.  Walking on the treadmill and keeping my balance on the elliptical needed to be my main focus, not what others thought of me or how I looked, but it is human nature.  We all want to put our best foot forward but when you get winded after a few minutes of working out, you wonder who noticed.   IMG_6065
Although I would attempt to boost my heart rate and get in a cardio workout, I was too intimidated to even approach the free weights area, so I made minimal progress.

Now, one year in to my journey with Coach Rob, I walk in to the gym with a plan and confidence.  I know exactly what exercises I am going to do and have no problem busting out some cardio and pumping iron with “Wendy” and “Frank!”  I am all in! #TeamKilla BAM!!!


Food and Productivity

A Healthy Lunch Can Fuel Better Productivity

What we eat affects our performance more than we realize. That’s why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon. Foods like pasta, bread, cereal, and soda give you a burst of energy, followed by a slump. And high-fat foods like cheeseburgers and BLTs make you groggy because your digestive system works harder to process them, reducing oxygen levels in the brain. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, contain vital nutrients that can motivate and energize you, as well as improve memory and enhance mood. To eat healthier and accomplish more work in the afternoons, make your eating decisions before you get hungry. Eat smaller, more frequent meals to avoid spikes and drops in blood sugar, which are bad for productivity. And make healthy snacking easier; place some almonds, protein bars, or fruit by your computer, rather than a bag of chips

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Today is the day!!

Happy Monday!!!

First day of the week and we all have a lot on our plates… So how do we get it all done??

Well, you can start by not worrying about tomorrow!! Prioritize your priorities and focus on whatever is before you. Chunk your day into hour increments and strive to be your best in that hour. Once completed, move on to the next task and the next hour.

How do you eat the elephant?? One bite at a time!!

Today is the day- make it count!!