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A public figure that I truly admire, is Tony Robbins.  After growing up in a household run by an abusive alcoholic mother and being abandoned by his father, Tony decided to mold himself into the inspirational man he is, with no example in sight.  He has transformed his life from that of an underprivileged child to that of a man focused on giving back to the world. Serena

He is an incredibly well-round and intelligent man who has built his life on a firm foundation of education, hard work, and gratitude.  His unique brand of life coaching has been sought after by celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio, sports figures, such as Serena Williams and MMA Champion Chuck Liddell, and even Presidents of the United States.

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What I admire most about Tony is that he has created a platform truly designed to help people move forward, overcome personal obstacles, and learn to come from a place which is centered in GRATITUDE!  He is making a huge impact.  His relentless pursuit of personal development and contributing to make our world a better place, make him just the type of man I would like to sit down and have a beer with.  Take 20 minutes to watch this Ted Talk by Tony, which has been viewed over 20 MILLION TIMES!   He must be doing SOMETHING right! BAM!!!

Yes, You Are A Leader!

Whether you know it or not, you are a leader! And here’s why- you have a circle of influence and that circle is always watching and taking notes of what your doing.

Successful leaders own their position of influence (no matter how big or how small) and lead by example. They model the way, they become the change…, and they communicate the vision.

This applies to You! Every job and role is a position of leadership. You don’t have to be Fortune 500 exec to be identified as a “leader”. As a fitness coach I seek to fulfill my role as “leader” in a number of different ways, here are a few:

– living a fit/ healthy lifestyle
– helping the people I serve see what’s possible in their fitness pursuits
– managing the delicate balance of a clients’ goals with the “hear and now”

How does leadership look in your respective role? Please share!

Remember that we are all leaders and therefore have the opportunity to influence those around us.

Coach Rob

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