Easy Access to Eating Healthy

Changing your eating habits is a process, it is not something that happens overnight. In the age of the Internet and apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and the Food Network, there is no reason why you can’t find healthy recipes that fit your tastes and dietary needs.

Food Journal VeggieAs a trainer, I recommend that you begin a new eating regimen by first understanding what types of foods you are currently consuming by creating a food journal, even if it just for a week or two.  This article from Redbook Magazine offers a list of the best food journaling apps on the market 18 Best Food Tracker Apps of 2017

  • What are you eating?
  • Why are you eating?
  • When are you eating?
  • How much water are you drinking?
  • How many of your calories are from drinks other than water? Coffee? Soda?
  • How many calories are you consuming?

water-1When you have a handle on what you are consuming, educate yourself on what you should be consuming.  You can consult with a nutritionist, a healthcare professional, or a personal trainer like myself that is educated in the types of nutrition necessary to achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • What should you be eating? Carbs? Proteins?
  • When should you be consuming your calories?
  • How much water should you be drinking?
  • How many calories are you burning?
  • How many calories should you be consuming?

When you have a better idea of what you should be doing, start by making a few changes every week and ease yourself into a new lifestyle.  BuzzFeed has a GREAT list of tricks to help you baby step your way into new eating habits.   Remember, changing your eating habits is not about self-deprivation, it is about living healthier.

#TeamKilla is Taking People Higher Up!

IMG_7312When people see good things going on in your life like physical changes, healthy lifestyle choices, and an overall change in your mindset and focus, they want to know what you are doing!  Stephanie, from Hire Up Staffing Service, aka #TeamKilla, wanted to share a bit of her new and improved lifestyle with her staff, as they prepare for a busy time of year and set new corporate challenges.

We sat down and laid out a plan for “Corporate Wellness with Coach Rob!”  Our main goal for the staff was to help them learn how to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable” in order to help them push through and achieve new goals.  On Fridays, I head to the Hire Up offices to pump these ladies up with a mini-bootcamp and a motivational topic for the week.

There are many topics that can fuel a change in lifestyle, but I started with some basics.  A great place to start was to teach the team about having focused thoughts and walking through discomfort to achieve new accomplishments.  IMG_7313

  • Control your mindset.
  • Passion comes from your core.
  • Do your personal BEST.
  • Achievement is limitless.

Mindset Matters: We choose our state of mind and our thoughts dictate how we perceive the world, so limit the negative and focus on all of the positive. Exercise your choice and find a way to claim your mindset.  Check out my “Claim Your Morning” blog.

Passion comes from your CORE:  In fitness, all movements originate from the CORE and in life our passions and desires originate from our Soul.  The soul is the core of our being and when we listen, it guides us to what we love, what we are good at doing, and what leads us to pure joy.  My soul lead me to coaching, where does your core lead you?  Called to Coach!!


Achievement is LIMITLESS:  There are thousands of public speakers, webpages, businesses, and books all dedicated to success and achievement.  One key factor of any plan for success is not to allow yourself to be limited by your own doubts.  Life is LIMITLESS.

I am happy to report the team at HIRE UP STAFFING SERVICE has had positive reviews about our Friday mornings! As a coach, especially as Steph’s coach, it is exciting to see a client incorporating her new goals and life changes into her role at work.  Check out Hire Up Staffing Service.


Team KILLA’s Set #3 – The Fam-BAM!!!

IMG_5585How did my workouts and diet change my family life? 

I started my fitness journey a little later in life and started a family a lot earlier, so my life is a bit different than the lives of some women.  I live with my husband of 23 years and our adult son, so my time is more flexible than some wive’s and mother’s.  My schedule allows me to leave before work to train with Rob, and go for round two at the gym right after work.  This has actually encouraged my husband and son to increase the number of their workouts during the week. My husband and I work out at least twice a week together at the gym.  We kill some cardio and workout in the free weights section too!  The greatest thing has been that I am able to show him new workouts that he has never tried, like the TRX! I also really love it when my son asks for fitness or nutrition tips too!

IMG_6649My guys are pretty easy going  when it comes to meals.  My husband and son have very similar tastes in food, which are basically the complete opposite of mine.  I recently adapted to a mostly plant based diet.  I may be making tacos with soy crumbles and whole wheat tortillas while they are eating beef and regular flour tortillas, but we still cook and eat together as a family.  They are both very supportive of my fitness and nutrition goals and even help me find “vegan” options while we are at the store.

Since I started this fitness journey a year ago, my entire family has become more conscience of our health and nutrition choices.  We have all lost weight and increased our physical activity.  IMG_3450It’s wonderful to see how what started as a personal step has actually benefited my entire family.  We are all together on this journey and we are ALL IN! BAM!!! 



Fresno Fit Chef is Back for Set #2 — Sacrifice and Passion

Fresno Fit Chef showing off her guns!

My first blog covered most of my backstory and why I chose to get a personal trainer. The more time that I work on myself and work with Coach Rob, the more I realize that I have truly found my passion in physical fitness.

After years of being toxic to myself by making poor nutrition and health decisions, I live the daily challenge to be the best and healthiest version of myself.  In the last three years, Rob has guided me from a depressed 324 pound woman to an athlete.  One of the things that has helped me commit to transforming my life and my body is my competitive nature and the need to be the best.

I spend so much time in the gym now that it is like a second job!  I am constantly trying to improve my fitness game so that I can meet my next goal. My next goal is a lofty one; but it is something that I know I will achieve with my own perseverance, dedication, and commitment to improving and working with my Coach!

MY GOAL:  By the time that I am 45, I will compete in fitness competitions! IMG_6599

My transformation is a conversation starter.  When I talk with people about the investment I have made in myself by paying for personal trainer and I suggest that they do the same, I am frequently met with opposition.  The normal argument is that they can’t afford it!  I think that is total crap! 

Everyone has financial struggles, bills to pay, unexpected expenses, and excuses for why we are content with living in a space that is unhealthy.  I never thought I would be able to afford a personal trainer!  IMG_6597When I first started with Robert three years ago, I was not in the position where I could take on this financial responsibility, but I also was not in the position where I could go even one more day ignoring my unhealthy body and aches and pains.  By sacrificing the little luxuries in my life, that I had convinced myself were necessities, I was able to scrape together enough to see Rob on a weekly basis.  Now, I have streamlined my frivolous spending and workout with Coach Rob several hours a week and we are hard charging toward my goal of competition!  IMG_6596


Maintain Motivation Monday!

BAM Logic!!!

Maintain Motivation Monday

Maintaining motivation is tough for most of the world.  An integral part of staying motivated, is to find a source of inspiration that speaks to YOU and to remain positive!


Get S.M.A.R.T Before 2015 Arrives

2015 is right around the corner…

Are you one to set new goals for the new year? Do you make resolutions? Any new committments on the horizon? Most people will be thinking about how they want to improve upon things in the new year and some will even set a course to get better. To support you in the process of goal setting I encourage you to get S.M.A.R.T.

S – Specific

M – Meaningful

A – Action Oriented

R – Realistic

T – Timely


SPECIFIC: What do you want? You have to know exactly what you want because this specific goal will determine the level of your success. Your goals should be straightforward and emphasize what you want to happen. Avoid general goals such as, “I want to get into shape” or “I want to lose weight”. Instead, clearly define what you want. For example, “I get winded very easily so I want to improve my cardiovascular system” or “I want to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks.”

MEANINGFUL: Why is it important to make this change now? The reason to change (MOTIVATOR) must be strong enough to carry you through the change process. Keep asking yourself “Why is this important to me?” until you find a meaningful answer. For example, “I want to make changes in my lifestyle so that I have energy at the end of the day for my children.”

Write down your MOTIVATOR and keep it close by to remind you of the true reason behind your goal. This will help when life gets in the way and/or things get tough.

ACTION ORIENTED: What actions will you DO to make your goal become a reality? Your goal remains a dream until you put a plan of action in place. Write down three things you WILL DO to help you on your journey. For example:

  1. Walk around my building for 30 minutes on my lunch hour everyday.
  2. Eat a lunch that I have packed that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Be in bed by 10:30pm to ensure I get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night.

Re-evaluate your action plan every four to six weeks to ensure you are staying on task and making changes as needed. Add new actions when you are ready.

REALISTIC: Am I willing and able to do the work that it will take to reach my goal? To be realistic the goal must be “do-able” for your current state/situation. The skills needed to do the work are ready and available. The actions you set toward reaching your goals should challenge you, but not break you. Even the best of plans will have obstacles. When something does not go according to plan, what will you do instead? Having a plan B in place helps to make your goal more realistic. For example, “If the weather is rough I will walk on the treadmill at the gym instead”.

TIMELY: When will you start? Set a time frame around the actions. If you don’t set a time, the commitment is too vague and too open for excuses. For example, “I will be in bed no later then 10:30pm starting Sunday night”.

How will you know that you have achieved success? What will it look and feel like? Throughout the process of reaching your goals you will be making and breaking habits. Changing your lifestyle and becoming the person you have always wanted to be. Take the time to VISUALIZE that person and the life he/she is living.

Jump ahead to December 2015 you did it! The WORK, TIME and ENERGY that you put towards this dream did not come easily. However, by using the SMART goal model you remained on task. You were reminded why you started the process in the first place, you were challenged in new and exciting ways, and you were sure to have a plan B ready.

One final thought and question…Take a few moments to look over all the obstacles that you have conquered to get here. You set goals and have realized your dream. Now, how will you celebrate this success?


Yours In Health and Fitness,

Coach Rob