Take Action!

There’s an action step right before you, TAKE IT!

Coach Rob, BAM

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“Set Your Bar Ridiculously High”

Don’t sell yourself short!!

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Who holds your feet to the fire?

IMG_5120.JPGNo man or woman is an island and no goal worth accomplishing will happen without the help of others.

If you are seeking a change or to develop a new habit, it would be extremely advantageous to find an Accountability Partner (AP).  We can accomplish difficult tasks and make huge leaps toward our goals using our personal fortitude and will power, but if you want to go the distance and do great things, then you must enlist the help of someone that will hold your feet to the fire!

Don’t make the mistake of over thinking the qualifications of your Accountability Partner.   IMG_6616The only real qualification needed is that your new partner will have your best interest at heart and that they’ll be brutally honest with you. Another thing to keep in mind — the accountability process / partnership will work best if you’re open and honest about what you are working on or need to work on.  Give your AP as much detail as possible and make yourself as vulnerable as you feel comfortable.  Your AP should be a “safe place” but a place where you will be challenged and stretched to move out of your comfort zone.

If you need some statistics to convince you that an AP is the way to go, The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found the following statistics:

The probability of completing a goal if:

  • You have an idea or a goal:  10%
  • You consciously decide you will do it:  25%
  • You decide when you will do it:  40%
  • You plan how  you will do it:  50%
  • You commit to someone you will do it:  65%
  • You have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to:  95%


Remember, an accountability partner will be honest with you, won’t listen to your excuses, will give you honest feedback, will give you a motivational push when you need it, and will hold your feet to the fire when you want to give up!  So if it is in business, fitness, or just doing life better that you are now, seek someone that will hold you accountable and help you attack your goals.  BAM!!!

Maintain Motivation Monday!

BAM Logic!!!

Maintain Motivation Monday

Maintaining motivation is tough for most of the world.  An integral part of staying motivated, is to find a source of inspiration that speaks to YOU and to remain positive!


Why You Are Getting Fat

The 3 Conditions that may explain “Why You Are Getting Fat”:

  • Dietary Excess
  • Low Energy Demand
  • High Insulin Concentrations


Are you wondering why your waistline is growing or why your arms are getting softer?? Well, it’s because you’ve created an environment (whether you know it or not) for this to happen. Weight gain, packing on the lbs., or whatever you want to call it is a physiological process that occurs under 3 basic conditions. Let’s take the mystery out of why you might be getting fat!! By understanding these conditions you will be better able to control this process and thus live a healthier and happier life.

Dietary Excess

This is a state when you are consuming more calories then you’re burning. These excesses can come from any food source, even good ones. You see, when the body is out of energy balance – in this case too many calories, your physiological system will begin to store energy (for that famine that’s never going to come). Eat too much and you will store fat. Your adipose cells (fat cells) will continue to grow and grow and grow!!

Low Energy Demand

This is the flip side to the first point. In this case you are exercising (moving) too little or for many of us, not exercising at all. This is what this lifestyle might look like:

  • Wake up and sit while eating breakfast (if you do eat breakfast)
  • Drive to work and sit at a desk
  • Drive to lunch and sit at a table
  • Drive home and sit in from of the TV while having dinner

As you can see, the theme here is inactivity via sitting, sitting, and more sitting. The take home point is this: YOU ARE NOT EXERCISING ENOUGH!! You haven’t created a high enough energy demand. It’s also possible to be active and still not have a high enough energy demand!! In this case, one will need to raise their level of physical exertion to higher intensities. Just because you are “working out” doesn’t mean its working. The body will not utilize or burn more energy when it has no reason to do so.

High Insulin Concentrations

Insulin’s role is to regulate metabolism by promoting the absorption of carbs, protein, and fat. In regard to fat, insulin does its job by causing fat to be stored rather than be used for energy. Under normal circumstances, this is all good and very important for optimal health. The problem occurs when insulin is too high. So, what are the conditions that produce High Levels of Insulin?:

  • Consuming a diet high in processed carbohydrates and sugars (High Glycemic Foods)
  • Consuming a diet low in fibrous type foods (veggies)
  • Consuming a diet high in fat
  • Not exercising enough



So now that you know the three main causes for weight gain, you now have an idea about where to place your focus. I want to encourage you to take the emotion and mystery out of losing weight and be as objective as possible. Get real with yourself and about your lifestyle!! The people that make the most impactful and lasting changes are those who tackle “disruptive” behaviors head-on. I’m not saying this is easy, but it is what needs to take place.

You can do this, now go get lean!!

Yours In Health and Fitness,

Coach Rob

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Food Prep 101

I just posted a quick fitness tip on the topic of not skipping meals (TFT#45) and it made me think about the topic of food prepping. I’m sure you’ve seen pics of that “dedicated” person standing in front of what appeared to be mountain of food filled tupperware. This only gave you anxiety because you thought to yourself “how and the heck.. I don’t have time for that!.” Well, I can’t give you anymore time than you already have, but I what I can do is give you some tips on how to food prep. This WILL require that you manage your time, but it’s not as hard as you think.

So what is Food Prep?

Food Prep is simply making (preparing and packaging) all of your meals before hand so they are ready to be eaten at a strategic time. The goal of food prepping is to maximize your nutritional efforts which will in turn support your fitness, health, and performance goals. This doesn’t just apply to what you do in the kitchen, but also how your approach eating. Being prepared mentally is just as important as having all your food sorted and ready to go.

What will you need?

  1. zip lock baggies
  2. tupperware, but glass is better
  3. maybe a carrying bag (http://www.sixpackbags.com/
  4. time
  5. food, sorry I had to 🙂

Basic Tips:

Chop veggies Only twice per week-

  • chop half of your weekly veggie purchase as soon as you get home from the store and chop the rest when done eating the first half (3 or 4 days later).
  • once everything is chopped you can sort into baggies or glass containers. Your best bet is to sort the veggies by type; green peppers in one bag, red peppers in another bag, and so on.
  • the same approach should be done for fruit as well.
  • consume 1-2 fists of veggies with every meal.

Pre-cook your protein-

  • a BBQ grill is great for this, you can prepare a big batch of chicken, turkey sausage, burgers, etc.
  • my favorite protein right now is ground turkey and chicken thighs, so I make large portions of both it and take it on the road (to work) with me. I cook the ground turkey in a pan with olive oil and the thighs get thrown in the oven.

Make big batches of stir-fry and chili-

  • these two meals can be pre-cooked fully and then re-heated has needed
  • you can even freeze and use for later

Get personal meal-sized tupperware

  • we all have that cabinet in the kitchen that’s filled with all types of mis-matched tupperware. Clean that out and get all that organized. You might need to invest in some new containers. Are tupperware parties still going on??
  • fill your containers with last-nights dinner or your choice of veggies and protein

Eat wraps instead of sandwhiches

  • sandwiches are always the “go to” food item but usually they will be too low in protein and veggies.
  • Try a wrap instead! Pack it with some of that pre-cooked protein and some veggies.

Use blenders and shaker bottles

  • pre-blend your shakes are home and store them in the fridge at work
  • get a blender for office. The magic bullet will be a lot more discreet. https://www.buythebullet.com/

The Wrap Up

The hardest part of this might be getting into the habit of doing it. If you can’t plan for the whole week, start by only prepping and packaging your leftovers and build from there. As with everything that I coach, this process needs to be something that you can do confidently, so don’t be afraid to start small.

Yours In Health and Fitness,

Coach Rob 🙂

Credit Given to Precision Nutrition for “Basic Tips”

This For That #19

Save your money and your calories and go do something active with that special someone.

Walks, bike riding, or even taking an exercise class together can be a great way to liven up your special night out. It doesn’t matter what the activity is just do something rather than sitting at a table and then sitting some more at a movie.

I know… Stay home, dust off those old Billy Blanks tapes (you know you got’em) and do some Tae Bo! Not only will you sweat, you might have a good laugh too 👊👊

Try it!

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