BAM! Motivation Monday

Monday-MotivationDo you dread Mondays?  Do you sit at work on Mondays struggling to get in to the groove of a new work week?  For some, just getting out of bed on Monday is a struggle.  After a leisure weekend, working out before work, prepping your meals for the day, and making it to work on time, can make any Monday feel overwhelming.  I found this quick read, from the HuffPost, on why you should NEVER miss your Monday workout.

IMG_9105I also checked in with some of Coach Rob J’s Real Warriors to see how they maintain motivation and asked for some of their favorite resources to kickstart their drive, when they are feeling a little sluggish.  Chef B-rizzle, Bryan, isn’t one for social media or inspiring quotes; his motivation is fueled by results!  He said, “results become an addiction.”  From fitting into smaller sized clothing, the number on his scale decreasing, and consistently noticing improvements in his health, Chef B-rizzle is his own motivation.  I can personally attest that Bryan reigns himself back in and seeks guidance and motivation when he needs to refocus.  Check out his story – Chef B-Rizzle Gets Fit


Steph, aka #TeamKilla, has several resources of encouragement, and much like B-Rizzle, her own results fuel her fire.  Having transformed her body from a size 14 to a size 2 in just over a year, she gets a much needed boost from her before and after photos, inspirational quotes, Pinterest, Tumblr, and she follows a few male and female weightlifters and athletes on Instagram.  Check out some of the accounts #teamkilla shares: Gymaholic, HealthyFitMantras on IG, and  But between you and me, I think she gets her biggest boost of motivation when she shows up in new workout digs!  Check out how her transformation started, Team Killa.

Deb, aka #teamSunshine, gleans inspiration from all over, but says, “My BIGGEST motivations are Coach Rob’s page at 4:30am, #TeamKIlla and #FresnoFitChef’s instagram feeds, they are 2 crazy inspiring, positive women, and watching the successes of so many others on the web.”  Some of the accounts that she follows on Instagram are The Good Quote, GlennonDoyleMelton (author of “Love Warrior”), Better Things in Life, Kate.Cash.Fitness, and LvnFit.  IMG_5599In my opinion, Deb isn’t motivated by a number on the scale.  When she came to me, she said that she didn’t care what she weighed as long as I  could help her get to a healthier version of her old self.  Baby steps Sunshine, back to baby steps.  Check out when #teamSunshine started her baby steps.

As I have discussed before, motivation and maintaining motivation are key components to any successful lifestyle change.  Starting next Monday September 4th, my Monday posts will be dedicated to sharing the people, quotes, and sites that I turn to for my own MOTIVATION!   Just in case you missed it, check out one of my blogs on Motivation, “The M in B.A.M. Logic!!!”

Motivation is what




Holiday Survival Guide

Well, we’ve made it. We are now officially in the holiday season. For the most part this is fun and exciting, but on the other hand this is where a lot of well-meaning people pack on the pounds. The average weight gain for the american adult is still somewhere between 5-7lbs and you can be sure that most of that happens between Oct- Jan 1st.

This is your Survival Guide for coming out of the holidays unscathed. Remember perfection is never the goal, but only planned progress! Here you go:

Shop Till You Drop- You wont be the only out there shopping which means you’ll be on your feet for a lot longer than usual. Filled parking lots means you’ll be walking greater distances and shopping duties means you’ll be carrying more bags. This is all great because it counts as physical activity. So get out there and shop till you drop, your body will thank you for it.

By The Numbers:

  •  Walkng at 3.5 mph could result in a calorie expenditure of 750 calories for a 150-pound person.

Where’s The Party- Sugar and booze are common staples at many holiday parties and if you’re not careful you’ll be on the fast track to adding another layer to your midsection. If you can’t abstain altogether, make a plan to limit your intake. Look at your social calendar and pick 1-2 events where you will be sugar-free and booze free. Having a plan in place will help you stay on track and avoid those bad calories. Create a plan that will put your fitness goals in the driver seat vs your social desires.

By the numbers:

  1. White Wine- 121cals (5.2oz)
  2. Red Red- 127cals (5oz) 
  3. Whiskey- 100cals (1.5oz)
  4. Margarita- 153cals (3.3oz)
  5. Beer- 102cals (12oz)
  6. Bloody Mary- 125cals (10oz)
  7. Vodka- 123cals (1.5oz)

Work It Out- More- Do you hate a crowded gym? Well, you are in luck because this time of year the gym is emptiest. These last 3 months of the year are the slowest time for the fitness industry. Use this to your advantage by increasing your training frequency. If you are a 3x/ week person, then up that to 4-5x/ week (just through the end of the year). If that doesn’t work, then make it a point to not miss any of your scheduled training sessions/ appointments. 

De-stress- With all the parties and festivities it would be easy to miss that this time of year is usually the most stressful. On top of everything else, you now have to turn it on: Kids events, work gatherings, finding that perfect gift, and family personalities. This is enough to send anyones’ cortisol levels through the roof. Try this, pick one day out of the week for quiet time. During this time, reflect on what’s going well in your life and all the things you have to be grateful for. This alone time can reduce anxiety and improve your health.

Not managing stress can lead to:

  1. Poor blood sugar management and insulin resistance
  2. Depression, sleep disruption, and carb cravings
  3. Reduced metabolism
  4. Amino acid loss from skeletal muscle. 

Stress is not good and overtime it will affect your health in the worst possible way. Take this point seriously before stress begins manage you!

So there you have it, your Holiday Survival Guide. Enjoy all the fun that this time of year brings, but do so while keeping on track with your health and fitness goals

Yours In Health and Fitness,

Coach Rob 🙂

Do More

Do you want to get better at something??

Then do more of that “something” and each time focus on getting a little better! If you do anything that requires physical exertion, exercise will help you become more efficient and will improve your ability to perform.

If your tired… Get up and move. I know it sounds odd but it works. Get your body accustomed to activity and you will have more energy.

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