Exercise helps lower blood pressure by helping you lose weight and keeping your heart and blood vessels in good condition.

Weight loss achieved through diet and exercise helps control factors such as blood sugar, and other complications of obesity. Avoiding these complications helps lower blood pressure.

If you suspect that you have high blood pressure or any potential physical limitations, consult your doctor. Activities including walking, jogging, biking, or swimming for 30 to 45 minutes per day can help lower blood pressure.

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Reason 32|50

Exercise lowers risk of Certain Cancers!

This is an especially motivating “reason” for me. I lost my Mom to cancer (stomach) when she was only 53yrs old and my dad is a cancer survivor (colon). He is now doing great!!

Let’s face it… We are all going to die however, being in better health gives you a fighting chance. Fitness (and the pursuit thereof) is a good fight that you can be apart of.

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Reason 30|50

Exercise Improves Appetite!!

Let me start by saying that food is not the enemy.. It’s poor choices and behaviors that we need to go to battle with.

Exercising produces an increased appetite because your body begins to have a higher requirement of macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, water).

In this case, when appetite is up- metabolic rate will mostly likely be up as well, which means your body will be in a state of burning. This state is ideal for those looking to burn fat and lean out.

So here’s the key, you have to feed your metabolism, not starve it! Make “healthy and smart” food choices and eat smaller meals/ snacks throughout the day.

An increase appetite is a great thing, so feed it!

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Reason 29|50

Do you find yourself always coming down with the sniffles or the nagging “twinge” in your throat??

If so, that might be a sign of a compromised immune system..

Exercise is commonly know to boost the body’s immune system which will help keep bacterial infections under control and keep you out of the sick bed.

Fight sickness and disease with a steady dose of EXERCISE!!

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Stepping Up Exercise Intensity

Want to step up exercise intensity?

Try supersets or circuit training. These two training methods will get your heart pumping and give you the ability to complete your workout in less time.

You will have to have the right mental state because this will be tougher than normal. You will will have to keep pushing yourself to get it done!

It will be tough but the results won’t let disappoint you

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