Taking that FIRST STEP!

Mag GlassAs human beings, many of us naturally have a fear of the unknown.  Over the next few Thursdays, I will be sharing the process I follow with my “private session” clients.  This series will take you from when a client chooses to take that leap of faith all the way through when we celebrate their goal achievement and the milestones along the way.

If you have been following my “Coach Rob J’s Real Warriors”  series, you have learned that every client has a different reason for working with a personal trainer.  My clientele consists of warriors who are solely trying to better their health to those who are looking to become competitors in the fitness arena.  No matter which journey they are traveling, they all start by taking that first step – The Initial Consultation.

My first meeting with a potential new client is what I like to call, “DISCOVERY.”  This initial meeting is a vital piece of the coaching and training program. the most important part of the services I offer.  My discoveries will set the tone and pace for every aspect of the program and will serve as a guide as we move through the process. During my first 30-45 minute consultation, I ask as many questions as possible to get a full understanding of the client’s needs.  We discuss topics such as goals, motivations, aspirations, health and personal history, lifestyle, and even mental and physical challenges with which someone may be struggling.  And, although it is often the most dreaded part for my clients, I do take measurements, body weight, and body fat percentage.  All of the information I compile becomes a road map to how I will individualize my coaching and training for this person.  img_7552

The first meeting is not a time for me to solve any issues or try to immediately figure out what type of program they need.  It is a time for me to learn about you and gather information about how we can work together to help you achieve your goals.  Knowledge is power and having an “Accountability Partner”ups the probability that you will achieve your goals.  Trust me, I will hold you accountable!

What is holding you back?  What questions would you like answered?  Send me a message on Facebook , direct message or tag me (@coach_robj) in a question on Instagram, or comment below!  Let’s find out together what is keeping you from taking that first step toward a healthier you!  BAM!

Happy, Healthy BBQ Side Dishes


bbq-healthyHealthy eating is an integral part of any weight loss or healthy lifestyle plan, but we also know, you shouldn’t deprive yourself.   With this weekend being filled with barbecues for Labor Day and the Fresno State Bulldogs tailgating season kicking off in full swing, I decided to share something healthy BBQ side options.  Let’s just assume we are all going to indulge in something tasty off the grill but this does not mean your entire meal has to be “an unhealthy indulgence.”

As I discussed on my blog last week, access to healthy eating has never been easier.  Easy Access to Eating Healthy   The central California is especially lucky to have fresh produce on every street corner, farmer’s market, and even in some of our own backyards.

CLOVIS Farmer’s Market Friday nights and Saturday mornings!

Heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, and fresh stone fruit are all in season and can add a new twist to your normal barbecue side dish selection.  Change up those high fat sides of macaroni and cheese, chili, and potatoes salad with some healthy alternatives using fresh produce which is rich in natural flavor and can be locally sourced!



Cooking Light Magazine’s Easy Barbecue Side Dishes!

I googled “healthy barbecue side dishes” and within .66 seconds, I had 5.31 MILLION webpages, all loaded with recipes and photos at my finger tips!  Here are some great resources to help you contribute healthier sides to any BBQ or tailgate.

If you get adventurous this weekend and make a new healthy side dish, post a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and #CoachRobJCooks or you can SNAPCHAT me at coach_robj and I will feature some of the photos next week! Have a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday weekend! Go Dogs!

Fitness Magazine has a great healthier “Mac and Cheese” made with cauliflower.