The GIFT of Fatherhood

IMG_5131I think fatherhood is a precious gift because it gives fathers the opportunity to raise, lead, and unconditionally love their little ones.  I can remember the exact moment when I was ready to be a father.  I was sitting down and as clear as day, I visualized what it would be like to hold my future boy in my arms.  It was surreal, but I knew in my heart I was ready.

For me Fatherhood means: Leadership, Protection, Service, Strength, Discipline, Fairness, Love, and of course being Silly.  Come on, how else does a man get through being a father without a sense of humor about parenting?  I absolutely love being a dad!  There is nothing greater than to watch your little one(s) grow, mature, and develop their own personality.  I’m so thankful for the dad that I have and thankful for the privilege of being a father myself.

My Motivation

To all my fellow dudes that are out there doing there very best for their families —

Happy Father’s Day!!!      

Coach Rob

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