Coach Rob J’s REAL Warriors

Day after day, I am blessed to help my clients achieve their goals.  We become a unified force on a mission and attack their goals one session at a time.  While my clients all have the common denominator of having me as their coach, that is where most of the similarities end.  Many of them have similar goals, but their journeys are diverse and have been filled with a variety of obstacles.

Barb aka “Fresno Fit Chef”

I get to share their victories and help them get back on track when they have derailed themselves.  With weight loss, health, and fitness being a typical American struggle, I decided to celebrate some of my clients and their journeys by showcasing them on this new blog.  Almost anyone can achieve success by being secluded with a personal trainer, private chef, and leaving all of their personal and professional responsibilities at home.  With the influx of unrealistic “reality” shows based on weight loss, I want to show you the real people!

This portion of my blog will feature real people who are juggling real lives, real families, real jobs, and the very real struggles that each has to overcome to achieve their personal goal.  These warriors (and more to come) will share their stories and recipes, answer questions, do LIVE Facebook Q&A’s, and hopefully inspire you to start and share your own personal journey to a healthy life!

Steph aka “Team Killa”
Bryan aka “Chef Brizzle gets Fit”
Deb aka “Food, Fitness, & the F-word”








Be on the lookout for their blogs and more warriors soon! BAM!!!

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