Called to Coach!!

Called to Coach

Many people, including myself, are forced to or have been forced to work a job that doesn’t fuel their passion or utilize the gifts the God bestowed upon them.  I have set goals, planned, and am now living and loving my career.

I have not always been as fortunate or as focused as I am today.  I moved to Fresno from San Francisco in 1997 to attend Fresno State and pursue a degree in exercise science, which led me to my first job / internship in the fitness industry.  In 1999 I began my personal training career at Bally’s Fitness, competitive body building, and got certified as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  After excelling in every position I tackled with Bally’s, I ventured out to start my own mobile fitness company.  Not all of my business ventures have been a success and even with investors, multiple locations, and employees, in 2011, I was forced to close my businesses, file bankruptcy, and leave the fitness industry for a steady paycheck in the construction industry.

My Resurgence…

It was evident I was unhappy and lacked passion about the construction industry.  I knew something needed to change, I just didn’t know what was.  I had taken the idea of a career in fitness off my radar, likely because of the hurt and failure I felt whenever I reflected on my journey in fitness.  However, every failure is a learning opportunity and when I was still and alone with my thoughts, I realized the only thing I was truly passionate about was FITNESS.  I sought advice from several close people; I wanted to be certain I was making the right decision.   I put my future in God’s hands, prayed and asked Him for guidance.  Jeremiah 29:11:  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

In April of 2014 Resurgent Fitness and Coaching was created and Open for Business. I re-certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine and also became a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.  Almost 3 years later and  I am truly thankful for the work that God has called me to do. EVERYTHING I’m doing is through of His grace and mercy.  My goal now is to highlight my clients so that they can be a source of motivation for others, as they are to me. I truly want to spread the good news of fitness, help as many people as possible, and show everyone you are to alone in the fitness fight.

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4 thoughts on “Called to Coach!!

  1. What an inspiring story! So glad God called you back into the fitness industry because you are one of the best coaches/ trainers I have ever had! You are awesome!

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