BAM Logic!

It is widely acknowledged that the number one resolution made Americans, is related to weight loss and fitness.   Cliché as it may sound, to succeed on a new path, a person must make a plan.  B.A.M. Logic is an easy way to lay out and stick to a plan: BEGIN with a Goal and Plan.  Achieve Consistency.  Maintain Motivation.

BEGIN with a Goal / Plan –  IMG_5121

A goal should be realistic and achievable. When setting goals, try to focus on the health benefits or long-term effects of changing your lifestyle, instead of trying to fit into a dress or lose weight for a specific event.

A goal should be specific. When setting goals, the more specific the goal, the easier it is to plan your success and track your progress. Instead of a generalization such as, I want to become more physically activebe specific about the amount and type of physical activity you want to incorporate into your daily / weekly routine.

Achieve Consistency – When you begin a new program, it is important to create a consistent effort to build new healthy habits.

To be consistent, incorporate workout time into your daily schedule. The number one excuse people use to avoid starting a workout routine is lack of time. Block off time for your workout and commit to keeping your schedule. Do not make excuses.

To be consistent, commit to maintaining your new schedule for 30 days. According to most “success gurus,” it takes 21 to 40 days to create a new habit, which reinforces that consistency is key!

To be consistent, start small. When you start working out, commit to 2 to 3 times a week and work up from there. As you work past the initial soreness and fatigue of adding workouts to your day, you will be able to increase your time in the gym.    

Maintain Motivation – Maintaining motivation is tough for most of the world.  Motivation is so important, I could have written this solely on finding what inspires you, but here are a few tips.

My Motivation!!!

To maintain motivation, surround yourself with support.  A supportive environment will serve as a safety net when you are struggling to maintain your motivation or need a pep talk. Reach out to people who live a healthy lifestyle and ask for tips, advice, and use the as another way to hold yourself accountable.

To maintain motivation, find resources that speak to you! There is not a single motivator that works for everyone; like eating plans and workout regimens, try as many as you need to try until you find the right fit.

Check out some of the resources that motivate me on Instagram @coach_robj!.

Are you contemplating a change?  Do you want to be healthier?  Start with B.A.M. LogicBEGIN with a Goal / Plan, Achieve Consistency, Maintain Motivation, and this should help you to focus on a healthier you!

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