A Call To Action.. Live!

Have you gotten Started?


So here we are… Mid January, and by now you have probably been inundated by many weight loss gimmicks and diet ads. Did any catch your attention? Which one did you order or buy? Or are you still waiting for something better?? Don’t wait for some “AD” to inspire you, get started now!!! I encounter clients everyday that regret not getting fit/ healthier sooner. It will never be too late, but it will get harder… Every moment you put off you are just adding to your uphill battle- Don’t do that and Start Today!

START!! YOUR HEALTH IS HANGING IN THE BALANCE!!! intro-119170454-healthy-life-freeway-exit-sign

You want to be better, feel better, and live better, but you keep allowing “other stuff” to get in your way. You don’t feel well and you probably have a combination of the following symptoms:

1. mild depression or a depressed like state

2. low energy and lethargic. no mental clarity

3. not comfortable in your own skin

4. low sex drive. low vitality

5. apathetic

6. sick and always sick

7. party pooper. can’t stay up late with family because too tired

8. achey and just sore

9. trouble moving around, getting in/out of chairs

Lets do something right now… Pick up the phone and call someone! Tell that person you need help and you want to be better. Be Honest and ask that person to help you be accountable to a better way of living. Tell that person why you want to be better and ask them if they would walk that journey with you. For those of you not fortunate to have someone like that, you can call me. This is my mission field! This is the work that God has called me to do. I would love the opportunity to work with you (or at least help you get started). It’s really not that hard, but it will take a huge commitment on your part.


The decision is yours… if you have the opportunity to be better- why not take it?

I’m not advocating that fitness is the “all and be all” (because it’s not), but what I am saying is that if your current lifestyle is void of “fitness and health”, then you are missing a huge opportunity. You see… fitness can improve overall physical function; and being better able to function means being more capable of participating in the things that are important to you (with less overall stress): Family, Work, Ministry, Service, etc. Maybe “fitness” and the pursuit thereof can be a means to an end…!?! Maybe there are things you want to do but can’t because you lack the physical ability. Maybe its time that you begin to view fitness and its benefits in a new light. There is nothing that you can do without your body… it (your body) will either enable or limit you! I suggest you position yourself to accomplish the former.

Fitness is fairly simple, but its getting started that’s the hard part. If you are in a place where you want to get started but are having trouble, call that friend or call me. We will help by way of listening, holding you accountable, and telling you that- “YOU CAN DO THIS”.

Make The Call and Start Today! You can do this!!!  nownotlater

Yours In Health and Fitness,

Coach Rob




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