Why You Are Getting Fat

The 3 Conditions that may explain “Why You Are Getting Fat”:

  • Dietary Excess
  • Low Energy Demand
  • High Insulin Concentrations


Are you wondering why your waistline is growing or why your arms are getting softer?? Well, it’s because you’ve created an environment (whether you know it or not) for this to happen. Weight gain, packing on the lbs., or whatever you want to call it is a physiological process that occurs under 3 basic conditions. Let’s take the mystery out of why you might be getting fat!! By understanding these conditions you will be better able to control this process and thus live a healthier and happier life.

Dietary Excess

This is a state when you are consuming more calories then you’re burning. These excesses can come from any food source, even good ones. You see, when the body is out of energy balance – in this case too many calories, your physiological system will begin to store energy (for that famine that’s never going to come). Eat too much and you will store fat. Your adipose cells (fat cells) will continue to grow and grow and grow!!

Low Energy Demand

This is the flip side to the first point. In this case you are exercising (moving) too little or for many of us, not exercising at all. This is what this lifestyle might look like:

  • Wake up and sit while eating breakfast (if you do eat breakfast)
  • Drive to work and sit at a desk
  • Drive to lunch and sit at a table
  • Drive home and sit in from of the TV while having dinner

As you can see, the theme here is inactivity via sitting, sitting, and more sitting. The take home point is this: YOU ARE NOT EXERCISING ENOUGH!! You haven’t created a high enough energy demand. It’s also possible to be active and still not have a high enough energy demand!! In this case, one will need to raise their level of physical exertion to higher intensities. Just because you are “working out” doesn’t mean its working. The body will not utilize or burn more energy when it has no reason to do so.

High Insulin Concentrations

Insulin’s role is to regulate metabolism by promoting the absorption of carbs, protein, and fat. In regard to fat, insulin does its job by causing fat to be stored rather than be used for energy. Under normal circumstances, this is all good and very important for optimal health. The problem occurs when insulin is too high. So, what are the conditions that produce High Levels of Insulin?:

  • Consuming a diet high in processed carbohydrates and sugars (High Glycemic Foods)
  • Consuming a diet low in fibrous type foods (veggies)
  • Consuming a diet high in fat
  • Not exercising enough



So now that you know the three main causes for weight gain, you now have an idea about where to place your focus. I want to encourage you to take the emotion and mystery out of losing weight and be as objective as possible. Get real with yourself and about your lifestyle!! The people that make the most impactful and lasting changes are those who tackle “disruptive” behaviors head-on. I’m not saying this is easy, but it is what needs to take place.

You can do this, now go get lean!!

Yours In Health and Fitness,

Coach Rob

For more information on Health, Wellness, Fitness, Motivation, and Lifestyle Please my blog @ http://www.R2FitnessandCoaching.com


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