Need A Quickie.. Try these 3 Fast Workouts

Short on time, but need to get those endorphins flowing..? Try these 3 different workouts:

Full Body Fat Blast A

Jump Squat- 10reps
Db chest Press- 10reps
Plank Holds- 1min
Repeat 3x

Weighted Step Ups- 10reps/ leg
Bent over Barbell Row- 10reps
Oblique V-Ups- 15reps/ side
Repeat 3x

Full Body Fat Blast B

Db Deadlift -15reps
Standing Db shoulder Press- 10reps
Mountain Climbers- 20reps
Repeat 3x

Push-Ups- perform to failure
Standing Db Curl- 12reps
Bench Dips- perform to failure
Russian Twist- 20reps
Repeat 3x

The Cardio Killer

Air Squats- 20reps
Alternating Lunges- 20reps
Pike Push-Ups- perform for 30secs
Plank Jacks- perform for 30secs
Burpees- perform for 30secs
Repeat 4x

To get the most out of a shorter exercise session, focus on intensity and attempt to push your body by not allowing for “normal type” rest periods. And as with all fitness programs, check with your doctor or other qualified professional before starting.

Written By,
Coach Rob, NASM CPT


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