This For That #26

This is the worse.. You plan on going out to have a nice healthy dinner with every intention on keeping it low cal. And this is what ends up happening, you end up doing everything in your power to not eat the bread or you just give in altogether.

Why put yourself through that hassle and temptation?

Put yourself in the driver seat, stay home and cook! Cooking at home will more likely result in a healthier meal.
So your not the cooking type? Well maybe it’s time that you become more savvy in this area. There are countless recipes and food books out, so just pick one and make an attempt.

Try it!

#swapping #cook #eatinnotout #upgrade #thisforthat #maketheswitch #skillsforlife #fitnessisajourney #fitnessmotivation #wellness #health #r2 #resurgentfitness #coachrob


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