This for that #5

Let me be specific here.. I’m talking about pre-workout Stretching only!

Static stretching will actually desensitize a muscle and cause it to relax, not something you want to do prior to a training session (unless you muscular imbalances, but that’s another story).

Pre-workout Muscles need to be excited and a great way to do this is to perform dynamic stretches. Basically, you take a muscle through its range of motion for several reps only holding the “stretch” for a 1-2secs.

Try it!!

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Coach Rob J

Integrated Fitness Training and Nutritional Coaching. As fitness pro and coach, my mission is to meet each of my clients at their respective stage in the journey and then guide them to a fit and healthier future. This is a Fitness Experience that will change your life! Rob Johnson 559-213-7519

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