The Most Important Muscle

Ok people this is exercise phys 101… What’s the most important muscle in the body??

Hint: you won’t notice it in spandex, boy shorts, cut-off shirts, or tank tops. In fact, the only time you think about it is when you are at a high level of exertion or in the hospital (God forbid this latter point).

If you haven’t guessed it, it’s your Heart! 

Resistance training (anaerobic) and “Cardio Activity” (aerobic) are the best methods for strengthening this most important muscle.

Keep this in mind- the heart is a muscle and as such it needs to be “exerted” to capacities within your respective physical limitations. Would you go workout and pick up 10lbs dumbbell for dumbbell chest presses (while knowing you can do a much heavier load…!?!? Probably Not, why? Because you know you would be wasting your time.

Just b/c you go walk on the treadmill or at times run on the treadmill (or insert your “cardio choice”) doesn’t mean you are strengthening your heart or ilicting a metabolic response. Intermittent burst of “acceleration” is known to be the best method for strengthening the heart vs. “traditional cardio” (I will elaborate on this in a later post)

The basic point here is, exercise DOES strengthen your heart but it needs to be noted that there is a specific protocol for doing so..

#tradionalcardioislame #traditionalcardioisawaste
#heart #exercise #domorethanjustwalkontreadmill



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